Flugelhorn PRO NI Kontakt Sound Library

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50% off “Flugelhorn PRO”, “Trumpet Harmon Mute PRO” and “Best-Sound Saxophones”.
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  • Flugelhorn PRO NI Kontakt library .nki format
  • More than 1000 unique samples
  • Recorded sample quality: 24 bit / 48kHz
  • Best-Sound Flugelhorn PRO sound library requires the full retail version of Kontakt 5.1 or later (Kontakt Player not supported)
  • Effects: Expression, Sub-tone, Flutter Tongue, Wah-Wah
  • Articulations: Falls, Rips, Shakes, Squeezes, Rises, Vibrato, Sustain
  • Reverb, delay, stereo control and brightness to fit the instrument in every mix
  • Best Balance of Natural Velocity Resolution And Data Size
  • It’s straightforward and easy-to-use interface with Advanced Kontakt Scripting allows for incredibly realistic phrasing and performance
  • Designed for all genres of music
  • Library Size: 531 MB
  • Best-Sound Trumpet Harmon mute PRO Start Guide.pdf
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